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Walk a mile in a Sikh's turban Thursday at University 2015-Apr-29

Walk a mile in a Sikh's turban Thursday at University of Guelph


GUELPH A Sikh's turban, or dastar, is a symbol of religious devotion and a mark of personal courage. It and other elements of customary Sikhi dress distinguish followers of the religion from others in Canadian society, and that distinction is not without challenges.


The Sikh Student Association at the University of Guelph will hold a Sikh Awareness Day on Thursday, giving non Sikhs an opportunity to experience what it is like to wear a turban. The event is patterned after others on Canadian campuses aimed at familiarizing Canadians with Sikh beliefs and inviting them to experience both the highs and lows of wearing the dastar.


Preetam Singh, 20, was a striking figure over the weekend on the U of G campus, wearing flowing dark bana traditional attire with his high, dark blue dastar covering his uncut hair, and a kirpan dagger strapped to this hip.


"As soon as I walk in a room I have people's attention," Singh said. "It gives me the opportunity to teach people something about my faith."


The Sikhi way of life, he added, has timeless and holistic qualities. While the rules, ethics and customs of society are constantly changing, the teachings of Black Suede Pigalle Botta 120mm the faith remain stable.


His religion, he said, is a love affair, and one he entered into of his own volition at the age of 13.


"I think of it as falling in love," said the U of G history student. "You don't choose who you fall in love with, or when you are going to fall in love. You have no power over it. I never thought that I was going to be as religious as I am now."


As with other religions, Sikhs strive to be constantly mindful of the presence of God in their day to day lives. It's a devotional ambition to which Singh is committed.


"Everyday is a challenge to make yourself better," he said. "It's never good enough. You always have to work for something more, to try harder and strive for higher ideals. Ideals are perfection and we are imperfect as human beings."


Being easily identifiable Purple Suede Mrs Baba 100mm as an adherent to a particular faith, he said, puts an onus of responsibility upon a Sikh.


"As a Sikh I know that people know immediately that I am different, that I am religious," he said. "If someone knows that I am a Sikh then I am representing the Sikh faith. All my actions represent the Sikh faith what I say, what I do, how I act. It gives you Black Strass Pigalle Botta 120mm a lot of responsibility, and I have to really strive to put the Sikh faith in a better light."


Sikhs do face overt discrimination because of their appearance, Singh said. Mass media, he said, has associated the wearing of a turban with perpetrators of terrorist acts, and that negative and unfair association has been applied to Sikhs.


"I think it is very important for us to propagate the wearing of the turban, and to have people know the difference between the Sikh religion and other religions, and why we wear a turban," Singh said. "It is a show of peace."


The Sikh religion the term Sikhism is not proper began in the late 1400s in the Punjab region of India. It has no clergy. The faith promotes the equality of all human beings, social justice, the removal of superstition and blind ritual from religious life, earning an honest living, and circumventing worldly desires and sin.


There are about 20 million Sikhs worldwide, and it is estimated there are more than 300,000 in Canada. To be a part of the Khalsa, or collective body of Suede Mrs Baba 100mm the faith, one must wear five kakars, or articles of faith, on their person, including uncut hair, a wooden comb, a metal bracelet, special cotton undergarments, and the dagger.


Thursday's Sikh Awareness Day, sponsored by the Sikh Student Association, runs throughout the day in the University Centre and is a chance to "walk in the shoes of a Sikh for one day."

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Columbia Business School 2015-Apr-29

Warby Parker


(Poets On their Kickstarter video, Columbia Business Red Suede Interlopa 160mm School MBA candidates Connor Wilson and Nolan Walsh stand in a room where a group of male and female models cavorts around a pile of boots and shoes as they shower dollar bills upon it. to the world of fast fashion, Walsh says. celebrities, and huge advertising budgets, all designed to sell us inferior products that wear out quickly. The Kickstarter campaign set a record for sales in the first 24 hours, and Wilson and Walsh have received more than $275,000 in orders for their $199 Thursday Boot Company boots. Production started about a few months ago.


really like the idea of growing something small into something big, says Wilson, a former investment analyst and portfolio manager for Thornburg Investment Management.


The two Columbia MBAs are part of a striking trend among business school students toward entrepreneurship. MBA program officials are seeing dramatic growth in student demand including, for example, annual increases of 20% to 30% at Harvard Business School for entrepreneurship related offerings. Increasingly, MBAs are rushing to apply their business skills to their own enterprises.


The Graduate Management Admission Council recently released 2014 Alumni Perspectives Report reveals a significant rise in the number of business school graduates launching new businesses. From a survey of self employed alumni who graduated from 1959 to 2013, GMAC has found that 45% of 2010 2013 grads started businesses directly after finishing B school, while 80% of self employed alumni from years past worked several years for an employer before embarking on entrepreneurial ventures.


Wilson says he and Walsh, both 29 years old and interested in broadly and boots specifically, identified a market gap between costly boots sold at a high markup and low quality fashion brands. They also saw an opportunity to combine the durability of work boots with a fashionable product, Wilson says.


Wilson say that he went to business school to become an entrepreneur, and he chose Columbia because of the quality of education, its focus on entrepreneurialism Dean Glenn Hubbard has for more than a decade touted the school entrepreneurial offerings and its location in New York City, now reported to be the nation second largest startup ecosystem, behind Silicon Valley.


Columbia mentors, including 37 Angels founder Angela Lee, helped the two students, and they received assistance from the Columbia Startup Lab summer program, where they took advantage of office space, legal advice, and marketing expertise, Wilson says.


was where we hashed out the idea that became Thursday Boots, Wilson says.


At the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Goergen Entrepreneurial Management Program, lecturer Patrick FitzGerald has seen a tripling in the number of his students setting forth post haste into entrepreneurial enterprises over the last four years. Now, 7% of Wharton students are starting companies right after graduation, a five fold increase over 2007, FitzGerald says.


At the University of North Carolina Kenan Flagler Business School, some 40% of the class of 2015, 103 out of 280 students, are studying entrepreneurship a surge, says Ted Zoller, director of the school Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.


is entering the mainstream in the economy and therefore it starting to enter the mainstream in the business schools, Zoller says. starting to see people increasingly seeking out high growth venturing as a pathway for their professional success. tech boom, expanding from the West Coast, has served as the primary impetus toward entrepreneurship, Zoller says.


seen really the rebirth of Silicon Valley, and the most important companies that are making strides are the ones that have IPO in the last five years, Zoller says. are increasingly interested in these types of companies. the same time, technological advances and the availability of cheaper talent, such as skilled bachelor degree graduates, outside Silicon Valley have made it easier and far less expensive to start companies, FitzGerald says.


it used to cost $200,000, you can now build a company for half that, FitzGerald says. can build something quite quickly and quite cheaply. these tech driven companies are spreading, highly ranked business schools are right on their heels, Zoller says. top 20 business school needs to be relevant in every technology hotspot, Zoller says. seeing all the major business schools focusing on New York, Chicago, Boston, Silicon Valley, and increasingly overseas: Shanghai, London.


tomorrow business market, business schools will need to be where the greatest growth is. schools are planning satellite operations in these tech hubs, and they are forging links with graduates already entrenched in them.


of them have built the capacity to create a really cohesive cadre of alumni in each of these markets that helps their students get placed and become leaders in the given region, Zoller says.


Stanford Graduate School of Business saw a considerable jump in interest in entrepreneurship in the class of 2013, with 18% of grads starting businesses within a year, compared to 13% in 2012. The percentage didn change much in 2014 over 2013, but the types of startups did. Seventeen per cent of class of 2013 entrepreneurs went into finance, 13% into Internet services, and 11% into media and entertainment. In 2014, those who went into finance dropped to 11%, while Internet services and media and entertainment both plummeted to 2%; 9% went into each of three areas: energy and clean technology; health care; and Leather Flanavec 120mm software.


This year, Kenan Flagler started the Adams Apprenticeship program, selecting the top entrepreneurial prospects from its student body to work with UNC entrepreneur alumni for a year, with each participant committing to becoming an entrepreneur within five years of graduation.


Demand for the Harvard Business School Rock Center for Entrepreneurship services has been surging in recent years, says director Meredith McPherron. In the Summer Fellowship program, students either work at an existing startup or work on their own startup, between their first and second years. the last couple years, we had enormous pickup in demand on that, McPherron says.


Although HBS recruiting reports show that the number of students who didn seek employment because they were starting their own businesses hovered at 7% from 2012 to 2014, half of its graduates are entrepreneurs by 15 years after finishing school, according to HBS. Student debt is a main factor behind that timing, McPherron says. To help graduates jump into startups, HBS gives out 20 to 25 debt reductions per year, valued at $10,000 to $20,000 each. have to be a founder with an idea with traction, that has shown some merit, McPherron says. Two years ago, responding to increased demand for the reductions, McPherron asked for and received more funding for the program, which pushed reduction amounts toward $20,000, McPherron says.


Among the top B schools, there are stated divisions in what entrepreneurial roles they training their graduates to enter. Wharton, says FitzGerald, is chock full of MBA candidates champing at the bit to launch companies and replicate the achievements of Wharton alumni startups such as smartphone based payment app developer Venmo; eyewear retailer Warby Parker; startup investor SeedInvest; and baby products company Quidsi, which was bought by Amazon for $545 million in 2010.


see the successes of those companies and realize that there a real possibility that [their] startup can do well, FitzGerald says.


At Kenan Flagler, Zoller says they taking a different approach, combating the media of the successful entrepreneur being the maven, the Steve Jobs profile, the Larry Page, Zoller says. are finding that entrepreneurs are more everyday entrepreneurs, people who run businesses that are making huge contributions but may not be necessarily brand names, he says.


At some B schools, entrepreneurs are romanticized and a degree of worship exists, says higher education consultant and Eduvantis founder Tim Westerbeck,. spoken with several business school deans who privately express some concerns that celebrating the glorious side of a successful entrepreneur story, while it may be inspiring, does a potential injustice to students, because they don develop the skills they need to deal with the often terribly difficult dimensions of entrepreneurship: the financial hardships, the inevitable failures, health challenges, the family disruption and conflict, the isolation, extreme stress, and need for steely resilience for prolonged periods of time. are the essential skills and competencies of entrepreneurs that are perhaps not being properly addressed in business schools. all schools are focusing on giving students tools to start their own enterprises. decided not to be the best school for startups, Kenan Flagler Zoller says. going to be the best school for We building a program that Black Suede Mrs Baba 100mm serves not only to support management training for large enterprises, but also high growth enterprises. is putting an emphasis on preparing students to enter executive positions in high growth companies, or becoming funders of entrepreneurial and expanding businesses, Zoller says. are many ways that you can participate in entrepreneurial ventures without being the founder. at Wharton, such a focus would conflict with candidates ambition, FitzGerald says. folks are certainly A type personalities. They probably more inclined to go out and start their own company rather than bring that entrepreneurship talent in house. Wharton students may be inspired by alumni successes, that doesn mean Wharton is teaching hero worship, FitzGerald says. to follow iconoclasts models doesn really work, FitzGerald says. you not true to your own business model and your own mission, you fail really quickly. speaking, it makes sense for B school grads to take a leap into founding enterprises while they have the chance, FitzGerald says. actually more economically feasible to do Black Suede Interlopa 160mm your startup now when you 27 as opposed to at 33 when you may have a spouse and one or two kids, FitzGerald says.


However, Columbia Business School Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center uses a slogan to encapsulate a definition of entrepreneurship that includes the buzzword description of entrepreneurship within existing companies. The slogan, Start, Grow, is intended to represent the need for an entrepreneurial approach within any organization, regardless of size or time in business.

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fire truck and that means increasing the 2015-Apr-29

Washington NC


Thursday, January 29, 2015 10:24 PM ESTThe Ayden Fire Department is working to buy a new fire truck and that means increasing the fire tax in the area. The department needs about $400,000 for a new truck to replace the engine that was purchased almost 30 years ago in 1986. Coast Guard rescued a woman on a cruise ship off the NC coast. More>>School board responds to Duplin Co. civil rights complaintThursday, January 29, Purple Suede Equestria 160mm 2015 9:29 PM ESTA civil rights complaint was filed against the Duplin County school system. More>>NC legislature could step in on clinic rule proposalAbortion rights groups are worried that Republican legislators will try to override rules proposed for North Carolina abortion clinics that activists contend balance patient safety with access to the procedure. More>>NC Governor touts reforms that helped veteransThursday, January 29, 2015 8:18 PM ESTNorth Carolina Governor Pat McCrory responded to new numbers from the state Division of Veterans Affairs (NCDVA). More>>Group hopes to make workplaces healthierThursday, January 29, 2015 7:08 PM ESTThe third annual Healthy Eastern NC Prevention Academy was held in Greenville Thursday, aiming at making the workplace healthier. More>>Top scams of 2014Phone ScamThursday, January 29, 2015 6:54 PM ESTThe Better Business Bureau released its list of the most common scams of 2014. More>>Business owners stress importance of historic tax creditsThursday, January 29, 2015 6:27 PM ESTMillions of investment Black Leather Flanavec 120mm dollars are at stake this year if the state legislature doesn't take action on a historic tax Suede Equestria 160mm credit Black Leather Equestria 160mm that disappeared in 2014. . More>>Lenoir Memorial Hospital to partner with Novant HealthThree hospital groups submit proposals in an effort to partner with or acquire Lenoir Memorial Hospital.

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Watt leads Texans to 232015-Apr-29

Watt leads Texans to 23


Watt (99) reacts after a missed field goal attempt by the Jacksonville Jaguars during the second half at NRG Stadium. The Texans defeated the Jaguars 23 17. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina USA TODAY Sports(Photo: USA TODAY Sports)Watt had three sacks, a safety and a forced fumble to strengthen his case for MVP and lead the Texans to a 23 17 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.


The Texans (9 7) had a shot at making the playoffs, but Baltimore beat Cleveland 20 10 to claim the final AFC wild card spot.


"I wasn't ready for it to end, that's for sure," Watt said. Watt (99) after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars Wholesale Nike Jerseys at NRG Stadium.


"These guys have a lot of be proud of," O'Brien said. "But at the end of the day you can't leave it up to somebody else. You've got to control your own fate."


Johnson gave Houston a 21 17 lead with an 8 yard reception early in the fourth quarter. Watt made it 23 17 when he sacked Blake Bortles in the end zone a few minutes later. The sack gave him 20 1/2 this season, making him the first player in NFL history with two seasons with 20 or more sacks. He also had 20 1/2 when he won Defensive Player of the Year in 2012. Watt 1st player to record 20 sacks in 2 seasons


Watt finished the season with 29 tackles for loss and 50 quarterback hits, which both lead the NFL.


The Jaguars (3 13) had Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap a chance to take the lead late, but Cecil Shorts III was out of bounds on a catch on fourth down.


Bortles threw for 117 yards as he struggled to move the offense for most of the day under near constant pressure from Watt and the Texans defense.


Watt danced to the song "Turn Down For What" after returning to the sideline after his safety. The defensive end, who has scored five touchdowns this season, smiled as the sellout crowd cheap nfl jerseys chanted Cheap NFL Jerseys CHINA "MVP, MVP."


Houston Texans fans showed their spirited support for the team during their last game of the regular season at NRG Stadium. The Texans also recognized their fans for "Fan Appreciation Day" on December 28, 2014. "As an athlete, that's one of the coolest things of all time, to have a stadium do a chant for you."


Watt is looking to become the first defensive player to win MVP since Lawrence Taylor in 1986. The winner will be announced Jan. 31.


Johnson did a bit of campaigning for his teammate to win the award after the game.


"If he doesn't win the MVP," Johnson said, "the NFL is out of their mind."


Offseason:: Report: Changes could come to Texans front office


Case Keenum threw for 250 yards with two touchdowns and an interception to win his second game since rejoining the Texans after being released in training camp.


Keenum was signed from the St. Louis practice squad two weeks ago after Ryan Fitzpatrick and rookie Tom Savage were injured with Ryan Mallett already out for the season.


The Houston Texans cheerleaders rallied the fans during the last game of the season on December 28, 2014 at NRG Stadium. The second was on a trick play one snap after a fumble recovery.


"I think that our team showed a lot," Jacksonville coach Gus Bradley said. "We're encouraged by the mentality and the effort but not by the results."

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Volunteers conduct 2nd day of homeless surveys2015-Apr-29

Volunteers conduct 2nd day of homeless surveys


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) Albuquerque city councilors joined volunteers downtown for a second day to survey an Black Suede Zepita 100mm area that now been dubbed Tent City for the homeless.


This is all part of a plan to connect people experiencing homelessness with resources and stabilized housing.


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